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Dear Fellow Author,
Are you ensnared in the complex web of your own narrative, battling an army of unresolved subplots, ambiguous character arcs, or pacing inconsistencies? You might even be standing at the precipice of surrender, your once cherished manuscript echoing with the whispers of abandonment.

Does this strike a chord deep within?

Imagine if there was a lifeline, a guiding compass that could navigate you through this intricate maze of creativity, invigorating your imagination and enabling you to manifest riveting tales. Visualize each of your narratives captivating a multitude of readers, becoming an immersive experience they return to time and again.

You're likely nodding in agreement! The pathway to this end goal might be untrodden. It may seem unfamiliar, especially if you've invested in various writing courses that have offered grand promises but underdelivered.
You Might Believe I'm Steering You Towards Uncharted Territory, But Let Me Assure You...
Appreciating your insatiable quest for knowledge and the many hours you've dedicated to mastering your craft through books and digital content, I invite you to hit pause, clear your mental workspace, and entertain this fresh perspective.

With this unique strategy, the daunting task of creating deeply resonant novels could become more intuitive and fulfilling. Curious? Let's unveil this...

Commence your narrative journey from the epicenter of your story. (Pause for emphasis…)

Does this inspire a surprised, “Can that work?”

Absolutely. The most impactful method I've discovered for rapidly crafting an engaging narrative is to launch straight into the crux.

Reflect on this: without overcomplicating, the core is the fulcrum that synchronizes the introduction and the climax, right? Hence, starting your narrative from this point offers a roadmap for your plot's evolution and its ultimate resolution.

At first glance, it may seem like a simplistic solution, but let's delve deeper...(Pause for emphasis)

While this tactic may initially seem elementary, it's far from it.

In truth, the mastery required to seamlessly weave the beginning and end around the core can pose a formidable challenge even to the most accomplished authors. And that doesn't even touch upon the daunting task of conceptualizing the core to begin with.

To tackle these difficulties head-on, I've simplified the process and structured it into a user-friendly, step-by-step guide that caters to authors at all stages of their journey.

I am eager to share this innovative guide with you today...

"Starting From The Middle:
The Key To Creating A Powerful Novel!
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This very special on demand training consist of an on demand seminar that you can watch anywhere and at anytime as well as downloadable pdf slides to follow along with.

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She’s someone who has effectively helped thousands of writers and authors of all genres learn how to create autobiographies that readers absolutely love.

That's right. You get to learn from one our top trainers in this industry with a knack for delivery awesome content that helps authors and writers achieve their writing dreams.

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The best part is that this is truly on demand training that you can fit into your busy schedule. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the gym or at practice with the kids. Just load up the training and you’re good to go.

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With this very special on demand training, you’ll never be stuck again staring at a blank screen.

The process of trying to come up with just the right ideas will flow freely and smoothly once you apply what you’ll learn from the Starting From The Middle: The Key To Creating A Powerful Novel! On Demand Training’.  

Let me give you a few snippets of what you’ll find inside once you sign up today: 
  • Discover The 6 Types of Novel Writers and find out which one you identify with. Then I’ll give you insight and tips into maximizes each one.
  • Find Out The 3 Acts Associated With The Novel’s Bridge and how to dig down into each one to help you create an amazing novel in the process!
  • Find Out The 14 Steps of Transformation and how to use them to connect with your readers.
  • Use The Golden Triangle Method to bring together 3 important elements that every novel must have.
  • Stuck For Ideas? I’ll share some of my guarded tips that anyone can use to get a wealth of ideas for novels flowing like the Nile.
  • Every Novel Character Must Have A Battle. I’ll show you how to solve all the battles in your novels and bring them to resolution.
  • Know Without Fail What The Middle Moment Is and how to find it every time you sit down to create a novel.
  • Take A Look At These Best Selling Examples of writing and learn how they work and how you can model them in your own writing.
  • And so, so, much more!
“Friend, Anyone Can Start A Novel.
It Takes A Good Author To Finish That Same Novel And An Even Greater Author To Make 
It Engaging.”
Let Me Show You How To Do The Latter…

Look, I don’t know where you are in your writing career. Maybe you’re just starting out or maybe you’re a seasoned professional looking to develop your skills.

Either way, I’m sure that the ‘Starting From The Middle: The Key To Creating A Powerful Novel! On Demand Training’ can help you create powerful novels.

However, I do know that for most people that want to get access to this level of information can wind up spending an arm and a leg and still walk away feeling confused.

Has that happened to you?

Well I’d like to change all of that. While it wasn’t cheap to produce this information (it cost me into the thousands personally), I’d like to make it incredibly affordable for you.

Why? Because I remember what it was like when I was starting my writing career. I only wish that someone would have packaged all of the information for me that you’re getting today in an easy to follow format.

I didn’t have anything of the like. It was brutal.

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I’m going to give you iron clad guarantee. Just try the methods listed in the Starting From The Middle: The Key To Creating A Powerful Novel! On Demand Training’ for a full 12 months is all I ask.

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David Steel - WritersLife.org
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