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Dear Fellow Author,
In the course of my literary journey, I've amassed a vibrant tapestry of accolades, each one a testament to my self-published masterpieces. Not a boastful declaration, mind you, merely an honest reflection of my progress.

At this moment, as I pen down these thoughts, it becomes vividly clear how self-publishing has unlocked a world of opportunities, turning my dreams, and those of my family, into a reality.

However, my path to success wasn't always a carpet of roses.
"Could I Have Taken a Different Route?"
Indeed, the journey was often fraught with trials and tribulations, demanding an earnest display of perseverance before the first rays of success appeared.

Had I the chance to journey back in time, what might I do differently?
  • Firstly, how I yearn for the insights that I am about to divulge to you, to have been my guiding light in those early days.
  • ​Secondly, I wish I had been steadfast in following the strategies that first hinted at success, rather than half-heartedly exploring fruitless endeavors.
  • ​Finally, had there been a reliable blueprint, a compass to navigate me towards success, oh, how different the journey might have been!
Eventually, of course, I managed to piece together the jigsaw and build a profitable empire by self-publishing my works. Yet, I shudder at the thought of the heights I might have scaled had my commitment been unwavering from the beginning.

But what about your story?

You're here, presumably, because you're yearning to bring your literary creations to the world, am I correct?

Like many other authors and writers, your journey might be marred by hurdles:
  • Traditional publishing houses seem to perpetually shut their doors.
  • ​Even if you secure a publishing contract, the modest royalties are a mere pittance compared to the blood, sweat, and tears poured into crafting your masterpiece.
  • ​The concept of self-publishing appeals, but the mysteries of marketing are a daunting adversary. How to package your work to allure your audience, reach them, and convince them to pick up your book?
  • ​The technical aspects of setting everything up appear as a labyrinth, threatening to ensnare you.
If this resonates with you, hold on to that spark of hope. There's light at the end of the tunnel.

Self-publishing, once considered a Herculean task, has now been simplified to an astonishing degree. The era we live in offers incredible advantages to ambitious authors like you, enabling you to create, publish, and cultivate a fanbase without the need for sky-high budgets.

Are you eager to uncover the secrets of successful self-publishing?

If your answer is a resounding 'Yes', you're in the right place...

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This training consist of an on demand seminar that you can watch anywhere and at anytime as well as downloadable pdf slides to follow along with.

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  • Get The Skinny On Why You Should Be Self Publishing and how to get yourself in position to have maximum success doing so.
  • Grab These Seven Ebook Success Tips that can save you a ton of heartache and frustration when it comes to publishing your ebooks. If you can abide by these guidelines, it’ll make your path to self publishing less frustrating!
  • How To Create Amazing Ecovers that make your books stand out while leaving others in the dust. Believe it or not, this is a huge deal and can mean the difference between book selling success or dismal sales.
  • Some of The Best Places To Publish Your Books Online and what you must to do prepare to sell your books in these places.
  • The Who, What, When, Where, and Why of connecting with your audience and market so you can ensure your book selling success.
  • How To Make Your Book Look Professional so you not only impress your readers, but also any possible future publishers that may want to pick up your book and publish it.
  • The Process We Use For Editing and Checking every book we ever create and why you need to make sure you do the same.
  • How To Understand The Small Details that can bring you major success. Don’t overlook these as they are crucial to building a true and successful self publishing business.
  • How To Make The Right Choice of Choosing Where to Self Publish Your Book. Just because you can list your book in various places doesn’t mean it’ll be the best situation for you. I’ll guide you through the process every step of the way.
  • And There’s So Much More Like learning print on demand technology (POD), writing blurbs, the good, the bad, and the lies and myths of self publishing...that if I mentioned everything, you’d be reading this letter forever!
Trying To Learn This On Your Own Can 
Take Forever!
So...Why Not Let Me Give You The Shortcut?
I’m not going to say that some of these things can’t be discovered on your own if you did your research online. I’m sure you may be able to uncover a few nuggets.

But doing so could take you months to discover those same treasures that’s already included in this on demand training.

Plus for all the stuff you can’t find online, trying to gather all this knowledge in one place as well as organize it into an easy to follow format could take forever!

But even if you could do it yourself, why would you want to?

Why frustrate yourself for months on end trying to gather a fraction of the training that’s available to you right now? Especially when everything is already laid out for you in an easy to follow step by step on demand training?

Friend, I’m sure you know that time is the one thing we don’t get back on this planet right?

So why not take those same months you’d spend frustrating yourself and use them to put your energy into your self publishing business with this incredible on demand training?

Now you’re probably figuring that this is where I try to stiff you for a grand or something right?

Relax. That’s not going to happen.

What I am offering you today is the opportunity to take the same processes I use to self publishing my books.

Sounds good? Great.

And because I know how it feels to try and get all this off the ground on a shoestring budget, I want to meet you in a place where this is totally affordable and won’t set you back.

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