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Dear Passionate Storyteller,
I trust you'll feel an unspoken bond with me, though our stories have yet to intertwine.

What is this bond, you might wonder?

It's the fervent aspiration, the indomitable spirit that guides you here, chasing a dream that stirs your soul.

You long for the magic of a novella that does more than just tickle the senses - it ignites hearts. You dream of the moment when your name becomes synonymous with the revered title of 'Acclaimed Author.'

Why the term 'acclaimed'?

I want to assure you, this isn't to suggest that you aren't an author already. Far from it. You feel the powerful truth of your talent, the undeniable voice that resonates within you, pouring out in your words. Yet, we both know that the world's applause might not yet match the applause your heart bestows upon you.

Don't worry. A new dawn is on the horizon...

A breakthrough is whispering in the wind, promising a shift that will turn your dreams into reality. The recognition you've been yearning for, the sense of achievement, is within reach. Prepare to step out from the shadows and let the world marvel at your brilliance. Soon, you won't just be acknowledged, but adored, celebrated, and loved for the wonderful author you truly are.
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The best part is that this is truly on demand training that you can fit into your busy schedule. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the gym or at practice with the kids. Just load up the training and you’re good to go. Watch it over and over again as many times as you want to let the information truly sink in. 
Here’s Just A Small Sample of What You’ll Learn Starting In The Next Few Minutes…
With this very special on demand training, you’ll learn the inner workings of crafting a novella from A to Z. Simply apply what you’ll learn from the this on demand training and you’ll be on your way to your first novella in no time.  

Let me give you a few snippets of what you’ll find inside once you sign up today:
  • The Exact Method I Use To Write My Novellas and how to follow my process step by step.
  • Why You Should Consider Writing A Novella First. If you want to write a full fledged novel one day then you should start with a novella. 
  • A Sample Novella Excerpt with explanation.
  • The Guidelines You Need To Use to craft an incredible novella every time. 
  • The Sample Novella Outline that anyone can use to help them write their novellas with less effort.
  • 12 Tips For Writing Novellas that can help you avoid disaster. 
  • Online Writing Workshops That Can Help You better your writing skills.
  • How To Put It All Together - I’ll summarize everything we went over so you can have the 50,000 foot view for you novella. 
  • And so, so, much more! 
“Your Future Readers Are Waiting For Your Next Work...Let’s Not Keep Them Waiting Ok?”
I suppose for some that may be a bit brash to say that, but I’m the type of person that believes you have to be in the place where you want to end up.

Let me explain…

You can’t wait for the future you want to happen, you have to MAKE the future you want to happen - happen.  

So with that being said, you have to see yourself as a successful novella selling author NOW.

Not someday. Not in the future. NOW.

Why? Because right now, at this very moment, someone is searching for a novella like the one you’re going to create. But the sad part is they aren’t going to be satisfied with their purchase.

Am I saying that you’re the only one who can create a great novella? Absolutely not. We both know that’s a little crazy to say that.

But what I am saying is that there may be people you’ll impact with your writing one day that will enjoy YOU WRITING SPECIFICALLY. But they never will get to if you don’t take the necessary steps to create that first novella.

So let’s give them what they want shall we?

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And when you get started today, you’ll be on the way to crafting your very own novella in a fraction of the time.

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David Steel - WritersLife.org
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