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I’m Michael Neal from Writers Life, and in just a few minutes, you’ll discover the secret that published novelists use to write exciting and thrilling novels that audiences love...every time.

Pay VERY CLOSE attention to the details on this page to discover the 3 supposedly “expert” writing tips you absolutely must avoid to finally finish your novel.

Now, just a bit of fair warning:  I don't know how long this page will be online…

Now, you may think you’ve seen and heard it all when it comes to writing & publishing your first novel…

You’ve probably attended writer’s workshops, joined online groups, paid big bucks to attend creative writing retreats…

Yet, you you’ve never seen these little-known writing tips before.

This is entirely different.  It’s nothing like the popular “how-to” writing books you may have seen… or even tried…

So prepare to be shocked by what I reveal to you today.

And remember, what I’m sharing will finally allow you the freedom of writing and publishing your first novel. 

And I'll also give you some of my best secrets to make sure readers will love what you write in a way that's quick, efficient, and in a unique while being fun at the same time!
But Before All That, I Need To Tell You a Story... 
It’s a story that I’m actually pretty embarrassed to share.

Yet it’s one you absolutely need to hear because it will reveal more about how to write a novel than anything I know…

Now, I was not always a novel writing and publishing expert.  Having dozens of best-selling books published across several genres, both in print and digital, wasn't always a reality.

And certainly not living the writer’s life like I am today!

In fact, my real life at the time was far from it!  I was a complete novice. 

I’ll share some of my successes with you later on in this letter… but first, let me continue sharing a rather shocking story with you.

Thinking back, it was April 1999… I was on a writer’s retreat with some friends just outside of Phoenix.

We were all camping out in the desert, working on our novels, while hoping to get some inspiration.

I spent the entire week writing, revising, editing, and pouring my soul into my novel.

And then it happened.  It was the end of the week, and we were all reading what each other had written. Each of us was supposed to give one piece of feedback for each writer in the group… 

We also assigned a number score from 1 to 10, 10 being the best, for how much we liked what we read.

Most of the stories and novels by the other writers were excellent, full of exciting characters, thrilling plot lines, romance, suspense.

Each of these easily deserved a, 8, 9 or 10… (and in fact, some of them got published very soon after this retreat!)

I was excited to read my feedback, too!  What happened next would change my life forever! 

I got my feedback from other writers and when I began to read their notes… I was simply shocked!

No one liked what I had written! To say I was crushed was an understatement.

I had been writing my novel long before this retreat, spending over a year writing, revising, and trying to make it great and I’d even spent a small fortune on writing books trying to learn what makes great novels great.

I had worked so hard on making the characters interesting.

The plot compelling…

The climax exciting…

But none of the novel-writing “tricks” I had learned seemed to do any good.  

Let's face novel was simply a flop! 

In fact, one of the other writers said i should “give up” on writing!

Sadly, I almost took his advice.

I was ready to quit my writer’s group, sell my writing books, and give up the dream of publishing a novel entirely.  I was beyond depressed, feeling borderline worthless and completely unable to create anything that mattered. 
But Then I Made A Decision That Completely Turned My Life Around...
I Decided I Would Prove Them All Wrong!  
At that very instant, I drew a line in the sand and decided it was time to make a change.

“I vow that I will have a book published by this time next year, so help me God!”

I swore I’d read every book on the subject of writing a novel and scour the internet, read interviews with famous writers and pick the brains of top pros to discover the secrets of writing a great novel.

I promised myself I’d spend 5 hours a day, no matter what, perfecting the art of writing a novel.

And thanks to my work, I uncovered the pattern for writing a novel.  And it’s one that works for just about everyone… and works every time…

I ended up formulating a step-by-step blueprint that I’ve followed as well as thousands of others have followed that can create massive success in writing a really good novel!

And, only on this page you'll discover it for yourself...
Today, I’m going to share The Blueprint With you And save you the hassle and years of effort it took me to hone this Process into perfection…So keep reading…
Remember, despite the fact that I’ve published dozens of books and I’m considered an "expert" in writing novels, I’m really no different than you. 

I just got lucky, and through some really hard trials, I developed a rock-solid blueprint.

This is a blueprint created for men and women who, like me, want to achieve:
  • The ability to write a really good novel that excites readers.
  • Gaining fans who can't wait to read and crave your next book.
This “pattern” I follow now is so powerful that it’s turned me into 'one of those people'.  You know, the person everyone thinks was born a great writer.

Oh boy, oh boy…If they only knew right?

Obviously, this new way of writing was game-changing and I’ll cover all the specifics and details in just a few minutes with you…so keep reading… 

First, you absolutely must be told the truth.  You have to know about the real problem.

The real reason you are struggling to write and publish your novel.  

And it just might surprise you.
The real problem is the fact you’ve been lied to for years… and these lies are keeping you from 
achieving your writing dreams…
One of these lies is that you have to be naturally “gifted” to get published… i bet you’ve heard that or maybe even believed this at one point in your life.

Yet, this is not even close to the truth…

If you are one of the millions who fell victim to this lie, then you must decide now to believe the truth instead because:
  • If you do not, you will continue down the road of the “wannabe writer” ...
  • You’ll always work be struggling to make your novel good, never getting it close to being published…
  • And, eventually, no matter how much you want it, you’ll simply give up on writing, and on your dreams…
Listen, this is not what i want for you and I know it’s not what you desire for yourself.

And, this is the reason that your struggle to write a great novel is not your fault.

If you really want to blame something for your writing struggles, don’t blame yourself, blame the publishers of writing guides!

You’ve been bombarded for almost as long as you’ve been alive with false, misleading claims from these crooks, and they depend on your suffering to make a buck! 

All the misinformation out there these “writing coaches” love to exploit is enough to confuse anyone. And I should know because it confused me for years!

The truth is you should never, ever trust 99% of the books on the market if you want to get published.


Because you’re teaching yourself habits that actually keep your writing mediocre.  Plus, your writing will contain “flags” for publishers that let them know you’re not a “real” writer.
Now, here’s another lie.  And this one is the granddaddy of all the publishing lies...
This is the lie that you have to attend expensive conferences, retreats,workshops, and other highly expensive activities to get published.
Well, guess again.  This is as wrong as wrong gets!
If you believe this lie,  you spend months and months, struggling to write your novel without any real promise of getting published and never get any closer to your dreams! 
And every time you get a rejection, you feel worthless. 
Once this feeling takes hold of you, it’s over.  You stop writing and abandon your dream right then and there.  And that's a pain I don't want you to experience.  

Well, just like that first nasty lie, there’s some good news.  You are not to blame for falling for this lie.

The real villain here is certainly not you… it’s actually the publishing industry!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I actually like publishers. 

However, the sad fact is they have a financial incentive to keep spreading bad information.

The more writers pay for these expensive books, courses, retreats, and trainings - just so they can learn how to get published, the more money the people who run these workshops make! 

All the misinformation out there that the media loves to exploit is enough to confuse anyone. And I should know because it confused me for years!

A study done in 2007, printed in Psychology Today, revealed that what we see in the media, influences our decision-making and beliefs to a remarkable degree.

Even if we’re not paying total attention to it!

So much that test subjects reported this:

Reading “2 or 3 articles” in a tabloid magazine over the course of 17 months was enough to “change people’s minds” on how to become a successful writer!

Amazing, isn’t it!
The truth is you should never ever practice most of the writing tips you find in the big “how-to” guides. 
No, not even for a little bit...

Because when you follow those writing guides, you’re subconsciously sabotaging your own writing .

Plus, your mind begins to mentally store patterns that sabotage you, all because you’re practicing writing in the wrong way!

This is normally one of our brain’s most powerful tools.  It’s what makes it possible to walk, talk, and drive a car without actively thinking about it.

But if you practice the wrong patterns, creating mental patterns using stale writing advice, you won’t only become a mediocre writer - you’ll become very good at very bland writing!

And if you’re writing isn’t good enough to get published, you’ll need to attend more workshops, courses, and other expensive “training”, all the while making these writing “gurus” even richer!

Now that you know the TRUE problem, that the publishing industry has a vested financial interest in teaching you how to write the wrong way, let’s dive into the specific tips I have for you today.

And the most important of these tips is my strategic approach to writing a really good novel.

I’ll go into the specifics of my strategy for how to write a really good novel in just a second, so by all means, keep reading…

First, you absolutely need to know about the one thing you must avoid if you want to become a great writer.

Actually, this is going to surprise you.

Most writers believe this tip makes writing “great” and it can be, it's just never when most people use it! 

And if you use it, except in a very specific way, you’ll turn your readers off and make them close your novel forever!

Ok, so the tip is…
I want you to avoid being overly descriptive 
in your writing.
This is just until you learn how to use descriptions in a way that grabs your reader.

Now, it’s not forever, so don’t worry…

Simply replace your overly descriptive passages with only the most important details.  No more than that. 

Just doing this one tip will allow your writing to be more memorable and enjoyable while allowing you to pull your audience into compelling plots and narratives (no blander characters!)

Plus, establish your voice and style as a writer, which can win you lifetime fans and make your all of your writing work amazing!

Just picture it...

You make this small change and without sacrificing anything, your characters are memorable like never before...while at the same time exciting your readers from your writing! 

Isn’t that such an awesome thing to imagine, all from such a simple tip?

Feel free to use more details if you really want to on your character introductions. (More about that in just a moment…)

Now, how would you like to actually enjoy getting feedback on your writing know that readers will love it?

If you take advantage of this next simple tip, you’ll get that awesome feedback and you’ll also decrease the time and money you spend submitting your novel to publishers.

All you need to do is one simple exercise. And no, it’s not a physical exercise! It’s one that requires just a pen and paper.
Tip# 2:
I want you to write down 5 details about your favorite protagonists & Antagonists from your favorite books...
Just 5 for now, okay?

Details like: deep blue eyes, button nose, tall, lanky, devastatingly handsome, slender, broad chested, etc.

Now, I want you to write down 5 more details. These are the details to describe the antagonists in your favorite books.

Details like: shifty eyes, hooked nose, hunched shoulders, paunchy, etc...
Now, write down 3 details that describe the places you’ve visited only once. These could be the room of someone’s house, a hotel, or a boat, etc.

Details like: peeling paint, blue flower wallpaper, chrome propeller, perfectly trimmed hedges, etc.

Once you get your list your next task is super-simple:

Refuse to use any details other than the specific descriptions you listed in your next novel!

If only some details apply to your characters, then only use those and toss out the rest!

This sounds very obvious…but guess what?

Most people believe that they have to stuff their novels full of unnecessary details to grab reader’s attention.

And that’s a lie!

Once you take charge, your “details list” becomes a character blueprint!

You could say it’s your personal handbook to crafting interesting characters making them ABSOLUTELY interesting!

But that’s not all. Even with those previous two tips, you could craft an outstanding novel, but here comes the really big, massive, crucial tip:

Now I have to Warn you…

Without using tip #3, you can forget about those other tips helping you write better.

This is the tip that will allow you to write an exciting novel that your readers will love and crave with a ton of exciting plots and twists, every time you sit down to write!

This tip actually forces you to be more creative whenever you sit down to write.

It removes “writer’s block” and pacing issues from your writing and makes writing a really good novel that much easier.

Why does it work so well?

Because you know where your story is going at any given time!
Tip# 3:
Use My patented Three Step story Technique 
That's Used By Virtually Every Successful Writer...Whether They Know It Or Not!
This is my patented three-step story, and it’s used by virtually every successful writer, whether they know it or not!

It’s what lets you know what’s coming next, where to insert “pinch points” and when to ramp up the conflict.

Using this formula is actually very simple when you know how.

> First, you identify the central conflict…

> Second, you outline what would lead to the central conflict. (problems your characters might need to overcome)

> And finally, you go back to the beginning and get your characters into this mess in the first place.

I know it might sound crazy, but it really works!

Once you practice this and learn the secret details to use this strategy properly, you’ll see this technique being used everywhere…especially in the best-selling novels!

Of course, you can’t just use this three-step story all on its own.

You have to combine it with great characters, interesting settings, the right details, as well as suspense.

But when you know how to balance each of these elements, writing amazing novels is (almost) easy!
Okay, now I know that was a lot to cover and you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed or confused.  If so, that’s okay.
Basically this means you have two choices on where you go from here:

Choice 1:  Take the information in this presentation and try to go it all alone…
And who knows? You may see some success if you took really careful notes…

Or there’s choice 2:  The savvy choice 

This is the quickest, easiest, and smartest way to get the writing skills you need and fast!

Here’s what I’m suggesting… 

Take advantage of all my flops and mishaps that eventually led me to success and let me do all the work for you! 

Why start from scratch and try to reinvent the wheel when I’ve ALREADY laid out your exact, step-by-step blueprint for writing a really good novel quickly? 

This formula has been tested for years. It’s the same formula that’s been responsible for thousands of men and women of all ages getting published for the first time.
If your choice is number two like so many others choose, then I’d like to introduce you to an 
incredible resource called: 
How to Write a REALLY Good Novel 
A Step by Step Guide to Dramatic Story Telling
Get it NOW for just $27! 
How to Write a REALLY Good Novel is the best process for writers ever created that allows you to quickly and efficiently write and publish your novel in a way readers will love!

This radically simple process will work for you even if you have…
  • Learned bad writing habits.
  • Spent years getting nowhere...
  • Frustrating writer's block.
  • Children(yes, moms can get published too!)
  • A super busy schedule (this is lifestyle friendly!)
  • A history of getting rejected...
  • Or if you think you've tried everything already!
Now, let me tell you what  How to Write a REALLY Good Novel is not.   just so you know exactly what you’re about to experience…
This is not another “one-step fix all” or “get rich writing quick” plan…

This is not some “swallow this magic pill” solution that promises something silly… (you know, like,    “get published in two weeks!”, or something ridiculous like that…)

You’ve already been lied to enough right? It’s time for a solution that works without the gimmicks and hype.

Rather, How to Write a REALLY Good Novel is the result of over 10 years of study, analyzing the most successful publishing and writing tips ever as well as looking at the real reasons behind writing “failures” and creating a clever solution to problem of “brain draining” boring writer training.
And now, starting today, their success can be your success too!
The success patterns I studied and successfully duplicated will give you the freedom to easily build a process around writing the story you want to tell.

And you’ll never be stuck for writing ideas again. With the How to Write a Really Good Novel resource, you’ll always know what to write next .

Now, before we go any further… It’s only fair that I be absolutely 100% honest with you:

If you are looking for that “magic pill” publishing answer... Or if you want just another “feel good” writer’s training or some other plan that you already know will never, ever work for you…Then leave this page now.

This is for men and women who are ready to put down the “easy answers”, yet still want the most reliable way to write and publish a really good novel.

In short, there are no “easy” answers. However, I’ve made this as easy as it can get for you.

So, if you’re wanting the Real answer to writing a really good novel, then here’s what you can expect:

If you want to:

• Finish your first novel you’ve been thinking of for months or years…

• Fix issues like plot or character development…

• Know how to make your story irresistible for your readers…

Then How to Write A Really Good Novel isn’t just any-kind-of-writing-process-will-do-for- you, it is the only process for you and the only process you’ll ever need! 
Let’s take a look at what you will receive inside your copy of How to Write A Really Good Novel:
• On page 3, you’ll learn how to turn an idea into a full blown novel…

  -This includes the exact strategy for how to use your ideas to encourage more exciting plot                      developments! 

• On page 22-23, you’ll discover 6 strategies for overcoming writer’s block… and which is best for your specific personality type…

  -You’ll see plans for creative types, busy people, self-critical writers, and even advanced “almost            published” writers! 

• You’ll find our complete guide to writing natural-sounding dialog on page 19...

• And on page 28, you’ll be introduced to the most effective way to approach a publisher with a manuscript – a method that works for virtually everyone who applies it!

• You’re also getting 4 worksheets that help you organize your ideas into useful tools for writing…

   - Worksheets such as character maps to make your characters more interesting and believable…

   - Plot maps to craft an exciting, interesting story your readers can’t put down…

  - Reader questionnaire to learn what readers love… and exactly what to fix…

  - A rewrite questionnaire that walks you through step-by-step on how to make your novel perfect…

But that’s not all you’ll receive:

• You’ll also get 21 high-quality audio downloads so you can absorb this information wherever you are…

  - Listen in the car, on a walk, or at the office. Wherever you want to put your mind “to work” these downloadable audios will help improve your writing abilities!
Now, you may believe that a Process that can do this much for you would cost a pretty penny right?
And in all honesty, it really should.  After all, this process has helped thousands of folks just like you become successful, published writers. 

However, I’ll get to the price in just a few moments…

First, i want to share a few other unique benefits this will deliver to you:
• You’ll discover the 11 “publishing lies” you absolutely must avoid at all cost... That’s covered on pages 26-28… 

• You’ll also discover some really clever ways to make character development and descriptions an absolute blast!...
 writing can and should be enjoyable...but only if you know the secrets to doing so.
And I’m going to share those secrets with you too!
Bonus #1:
The Writer's Life Toolkit 
If you find yourself struggling to complete your book, tie the beginning, middle or end together or simply can't seem to find enough time to write; the "Writer's Toolkit" will show you how to "get it done" and more… 
Bonus #2:
The Plotting Your Way To Success Program 
It’s the easiest way to create compelling stories & perfect plots available online today.
That’s right, How To Write A Really Good Novel comes with an unconditional 100% money back guarantee:
Just try the how to write a really good novel strategy for yourself for a full 365 days… That’s 1 full year... 

If you do not find ways to improve your writing like you expect in those 365 days...


If you do not come closer to becoming a published author in the first year...


Even if you just don’t like the way the books are designed...the font face I name it... 
I’ll gladly refund every penny…

No questions asked, no hassles!
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