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From: David Steel

RE: The quickest, easiest way to complete your book
Dear Fellow Writer,
I'm really excited to be letting go of our world famous, "Get It Done" toolkits as our way of introducing you to Writers Life.org. Like the video says above, if you are having a problem starting or completing your book, this is the coolest tool for writers that you've ever seen. With it you'll learn how to easily overcome procrastination, get organized, stay focused, find time to write and finally get your book published!

Talk soon.

David Steel

P.S. Do me a favor if you can and share this page with your friends on Facebook, or email it to your friends. (Just wait until after you grab yours, in case we run out).
Are You Finding It Challenging To Manage Your Time Effectively, Stay Organized, Remain Focused, Overcome Procrastination And, Ultimately, Publish Your Book?
Especially when balancing other priorities like a full-time job, family, and pets?

We Understand These Hurdles And Present To You A Well-Reasoned Solution - The "Get It Done" Toolkit.

The "Get It Done" toolkit is a carefully designed resource that addresses these common issues faced by writers. It has been used by thousands of writers - from novices to experienced authors - to successfully navigate their writing journey and achieve their publishing goals.

This toolkit serves as a constant companion in your writing process. Whether you're at your desk, in your office, or at your favorite writing spot, it ensures that you have the right tools at your fingertips to facilitate productive writing sessions.

Consider this: the literary market is thriving with people actively seeking new content. Books are being purchased at a remarkable rate, and authors are financially benefiting from this demand. Regardless of your writing experience, there is a potential market for your unique voice and perspective.

However, self-doubt can often hinder progress and inhibit success. The "Get It Done" toolkit is designed to help you overcome this obstacle by providing you with a structured approach to your writing, thereby increasing your confidence in your ability to produce and publish high-quality content.
Look, the truth of the matter is that if you are a writer, there's money out there. People are buying books and writers, authors, and publishers like you are making money... And some are making LOTS of money. And oftentimes it does not matter if you are experienced or a complete beginner when it comes to writing... In fact, I'm willing to bet that the quality of your writing is probably better than a lot of the stuff that's already out there and selling to raving fans. 

For many writers, self-doubt can be the ultimate dream killer.
I can almost guarantee that your biggest problem is simply believing in yourself and your writing ability. And if that's it, even a tiny bit, I'm asking you to at least try a different approach. This resource may be just what you need, and the price that we are asking for it is worth what you may be able to gain and then some.

In fact, take a look at the image above or below, this is an image taken from Amazon, and it shows how much they paid out to writers just like you, who probably also doubted themselves at some point, and in spite of that, they still took the leap and published their written material. Take a look, over $46,000,000.00 is what Amazon paid out to writers that publish on their platform in just the month of February alone.

Amazon Is So Committed To Their KDP Select Program That According To This Image From Their Website, They Have Paid Out $44,600,000.00 To Kindle Publishers Just In The Month Of February Alone!!!!

Don't Take Our Word For It, The Image Below Is Taken Directly From Amazon's Own Website Over At https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/help/topic/GEZBMTMYGN9EBTLG
Where The Kindle Unlimited Program,
And How You Can Earn From It Is Explained

Now am I saying that just by buying this writing course you'll be guaranteed to receive some of the money that Amazon or any other publishing company pays out? Nooooooo not at all, what I am saying is that you'll never know where you can end up if you never make the attempt and take a gamble on yourself. Starting with this writing kit may just be that gamble that you need to take, even if you are looking to go the traditional route of getting signed by a publishing house, and have no desire to publish your material to Amazon, or simply just want to write a book to share with your family and friends or for your own personal reasons.

This program can help you with that, click the button below and don't put off what could be for another moment. Haven't you waited for too long?
Plus, I'm Gonna Give You
My Book and Writing Course!
  • Finally Focus & Finish - Helps you to get going by giving you the tools you need to get focused, organized and past that difficult opening line(or rounding out the end).
  • Start to Finish - The "Get It Done" Toolkit will guide you through any creative obstacle and put you on the path to developing original quality material that people will enjoy reading from beginning to end.
  • No Matter What's Holding You Back - The information shared within this toolkit will help you to get past it and on your way to completing and finally publishing your book, even if it has been decades in the making for you... Its time to finally get your book completed and the information that is shared in this toolkit will guide you through the entire process step-by-step
  • Think you are too busy? Even if you have a spouse, kids, a job, and pets. The world is ready to hear your story, this toolkit will help you to make that happen.
  • Fact & Fiction Friendly - A must-have for any writer, no matter your genre or topic, this toolkit is the perfect first step on the path to literary greatness!
Claim Your "Get It Done" Toolkit, Book and Class
So why are we doing this? This is our way of introducing you to the Writer's Life.org and the Authors Helping Authors Association. We know that every time you use this resource you'll think more about your own writing processes and you'll want to join our community of like-minded authors and writers. So that's why. We’re giving away this entire kit for just $7.95. All we ask is that you help us cover the digital download and file storage costs.
(This is an online program, that you will get immediate access to)

 I look forward to hearing your reaction once you get access to and go over everything in this program.. Please email me and let me know at Support @ WritersLife.org

David Steel
Chief Editor - WritersLife.org
Remember, You're Just 1 Book Away!
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