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Dear Fellow Author/Writer,
My name is David Steel and I’d like to show you in this short letter to follow, how you can get more book sales with your current work while increasing your bottom line and living the life you’ve always dreamed about.

See, there’s an issue in our industry today.

You have a lot of bright-eyed aspiring authors with dreams of making it to the top getting crushed day in day out all because of one thing.
Little to No Book Sales.

I’m sure it can be quite demoralizing for you to spend months, heck…even years on a work only to see it fizzle out worse than a month old nasty can of ginger ale.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Honestly, there’s really one thing that separates successful authors from those who aren’t.

As a matter of fact, some of the successful ones books aren’t even as great as yours.

So with that being said…
Let’s Cut To The Chase.
You Want More Book Sales And Don’t Know How  
To Make It Happen.
Good Thing For You I Do…
Remember how I said that there was really only ONE THING separating you from other successful authors?

If you can master this one thing then you can practically write your own ticket.
But without it, you’re not going to get anymore noticed than dazzling supermodel in a room full of old blind guys!

So what is this one thing exactly?  Simple.  One word:


You know the old saying if a tree falls in the forest, (blah, blah, blah)…well the same is true here.

If you have a great book, but no one knows about it…does it make you a successful author?

Absolutely not in my opinion and now it’s time to turn the odds in your favor.
But to learn the methods and tactics to make explode your existing and future book sales could take months or even years to gather not only the right information, but also the RIGHT COMBINATION AND SEQUENCE to put the information in.

Well luckily for you, I’ve already done all the hard work.

Your Book Is Not Selling Because…
27 Ways to Boost Your Book Sales, Get More Readers & Attract Large Publishing Houses!
Everything you need to get all the readers and book sales you could ever want is pre-packaged for you right within this incredible resource.

And to make it even better, these 27 method and tactics won’t only show you how to improve your book sales, but also make you the envy of other authors because you’ll have publishing houses literally tripping over themselves to work with you.

Now I can hear you saying, “I can just find this on the internet” right?


To that I say…
Sure, You Could Spend Countless Hours Scouring The Internet For A Fraction Of This Information…But Why Would You Want To?
Especially when everything is already done for you!

I’ll show you everything that’s included in a moment, but wouldn’t it be great to:
• Learn a sneaky, but ethical tactic that plays on people’s emotions while boosting your promotion. (page 9)
Make more sales with redirecting the same effort and energy, but in different manner. (page 10)
• Don’t forget to use this method that will have readers practically salivating to read your book. (page 14)
Cover more ground to boost your potential sales and reach.
(page 6)
• Set this up and you’ll always know how to make better decisions to find out what works for your book promotion (page 17)
Never be scared of social media again. Better yet, slay it and bend it to your will. (page 11)
• Got more than one book? No problem. Do this to get your other books noticed. (page 15)

And that’s not even the half of it! 
Here’s What You’ll Get Inside The
“Your Book Is Not Selling Because” Resource…
The “Your Book Is Not Selling” PDF Guide
- Introduction
- Work on the Cover Page
- Sell the Book Through Multiple    Channels
- Offer a Preview
- Get Some Reviews
- Pick a Good Title
- Reconsider Your Keywords
- Create a Sales Page
- Offer Free Copies
- Consider an Affiliate Program
- File Format Options
- Don’t Be Scared of Social Media
- Create Bundles
- Pricing Makes a Difference
- Blogging About the Book
- Create a Killer Description

 - Have a Professional Editor               Look At the Book 
- Focus on the Audience
- Connect To Your Other Books
- Offer an Incentive to Your                Current Readers
- Find Your Niche Online                     Community
- Follow Analytics on the Book to    See What Works
- Advertise During Peak Seasons
- Consider Email Lists
- Read the Reviews of Your Book
- Check the Formatting
- Experiment With Marketing to      Find the Right Mix
- Conclusion

Four Easy To Follow Along Worksheets
- 15 Days to Improve Your Book      Sales Worksheet
- 15 Steps To Blogging To Sell            Your Book Worksheet

- Social Media Marketing                      Worksheet
- The Ultimate Marketing Plan          Worksheet

30 Take On The Go Audio MP3’s
0 – Pre Read
1 – Introduction
2 – Work on the Cover Page
3 – Sell the Book Through Multiple Channels
4 – Offer a Preview
5 – Get Some Reviews
6 – Pick a Good Title
7 – Reconsider Your Keywords
8 – Create a Sells Page
9 – Offer Free Copies
10 – Consider an Affiliate Program
11 – File Format Options
12 – Don’t Be Scared of Social Media
13 – Create Bundles
14 – Pricing Makes a Difference
15 – Blogging About the Book
16 – Create a Killer Description

17 – Have a Professional Editor Look at the Book
18 – Focus on the Audiences
19 – Connect to Your Other Books
20 – Offer an Incentive to Your Current Reader
21 – Find Your Niche Online Community
22 – Follow Analytics on the Book to See What Works
23 – Advertise During Peak Seasons
24 – Consider Email Lists
25 – Read the Reviews on Your Book
26 – Check the Formatting
27 – Experiment with Marketing to Get the Right Mix
28 – Conclusion
29 – Last Words in Closing

And if you ever get stuck, you’ll get dynamic 100% satisfaction customer support ASAP!
Frankly Speaking, You’re Probably Here Because Your Book Sales Are Utterly Embarrassing…
As I said before, you probably have little to no book sales right?

Well, I don’t want you to feel bad about that.

See, that’s the reason I’m here. I want to honestly help you turn that around.

You already have your work or an idea of the work you want to put out right?

Well once you add this component, you’ll know EXACTLY what you need to do to take your book from obscurity to being talked about on the mountain top.

OK, So What Do I Need To Do To Get
Started Today?”
Well, realize that this resource titled “Your Book Is Not Selling Because…” could easily sell for hundreds of dollars.

In fact if you asked a top writing expert like myself, to help produce the marketing for your book or your writing work, you'd be charged in the neighborhood of $997 to $4,997, not including some sort of royalty fee.

So at bare bones minimum you're getting thousands and thousands of dollars worth of marketing tactics and know how at your disposal.

Look, there's no need to reinvent the wheel.

Everything is ready for you, completely turn-keyed, and all laid-out for you

Now maybe you think this whole thing will cost you a fortune...but listen to this:
Your entire investment in this entire system is only $27!

Your investment is tiny compared to tons of e-book sales and publishing house acceptance potential it has for you.
Plus, When You Take Action Today I’ll Let You Snag These Super Awesome Bonuses At No Extra Cost.
Needless to say, this information is jam packed with the high octane tactics that will make you a master of marketing your book and getting more sales than ever before.

Truth is, you'll never find this in-depth information in any book, manual, or course online.

And especially not at this investment.

But even with that said, just to sweeten the pot a bit I'm also going to hand you 2 special bonuses to reward you for taking action immediately.

Here they are:
Bonus #1: Free Copy Of Our Writer's Toolkit. (a $19.99 value) 
If you find yourself struggling to complete your book, tie the beginning, middle or end together or simply can't seem to find enough time to write; The "Writer's Toolkit" will show you how to "Get It Done" and more.

Just tell us where to ship it and we’ll get it out to you immediately!
Bonus #2: Plotting Your Way to Success (a $19.99 value) 
Its the easiest way to create compelling stories & perfect plots.

Just use this resource in your writing and you’ll find yourself zooming through your ideas and putting them pad to pen in no time.

Once again, just tell us where to ship it and we’ll get it out to you immediately!
So as you can see, I’ve made this a no brainer to get started.

Heck, the bonuses alone are more than the low cost of this resource, but just to let you know that I’m serious about your success.

I’m going to take all the risk…
My ‘Better Than Fort Knox’ Guarantee

If you don't agree that this is the most impactful, eye-opening and practical information you've ever received on the subject of “How to Confidently Write An Amazing Query Letter That Will Get Your Book Published”, simply email me and I'll issue you a 100% refund on the spot.

No hard feelings and no questions asked.

In fact, I'll extend this guarantee for an entire 30 days after you get everything!

That's right, 30 days to use and profit from this unique information or else ask (and receive) an immediate refund.

And if you decide to opt for a refund I still want you to keep the two bonuses as my free gift just for giving this a shot.

Fair enough?
Get Access Today & Learn These 27 Methods And Tactics To Start Boosting Your Book Sales In No Time Flat!
Now the ball is in your court.

Will you keep slugging it out with mediocrity only for your book sales to result in total failure?

Or will you grab these 27 methods and tactics and finally put yourself in the driver seat when it comes to your book and writing work.

Look, if you are at all serious about boosting your book sales, gaining more raving fans who are readers, and attract a ton of publishing houses...then you can't overlook this risk-free opportunity to get “Your Book Is Not Selling Because… 27 Ways to Boost Your Book Sales, Get More Readers & Attract Large Publishing Houses!”

Your investment is peanuts compared to all the money you're probably going to flush down the toilet on other ineffective and useless courses that leave you hanging out to dry with absolutely no results.

Or that plan flat out just doesn't work.  So that means...

You really can't afford not to invest in this system!

Don't put this off.

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So before you put this aside take action now -- chances are too great you'll forget about all the immense potential this resource can bring you.

More book sales are just around the corner.

Do it now.

David Steel
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