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David Steel - Chief Editor of WritersLife.org
Isn't it frustrating when you're brimming with talent and passion, yet you find it challenging to secure consistent and well-paying writing work? It's like being a ship adrift in a vast ocean of opportunities, with no beacon to guide you.

The reality is that numerous talented freelancers, much like yourselves, have been successful in navigating these vast waters. They've managed to establish themselves as go-to resources for a wide range of services - writing, developing, designing, and consulting for marketers and digital businesses that are only too willing to pay handsomely for reliable and skilled individuals.

Imagine no longer needing to send out countless pitches, but instead having well-paying writing gigs or virtual secretary opportunities coming to you. This isn't a dream, but a reality for those in the know.

The job market is immense, catering to all sorts of skills, across various sectors and locations. The secret is knowing how to find the right opportunities.
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How to Transform Your Career!
The main difference between successful, high-earning freelancers and those who constantly struggle to secure work lies in two factors: presentation and knowledge about high-paying opportunities.

Most of the high-paying jobs aren't advertised on public directories or databases. Instead, they're often reserved for a small group of freelancers who know exactly where to look. By knowing where to look, you can tap into this exclusive network and have more job offers than you ever imagined, perhaps even more than you can handle!
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I want to assure you: "Get Paid To Write" focuses on authentic opportunities from trustworthy employers.

You won't find any get-rich-quick schemes, or questionable business propositions requiring you to risk your hard-earned money. These are genuinely high-paying jobs from established companies.

And that's not all - with the right knowledge, you can even take your freelancing career a notch higher. Imagine creating your own freelance company, connecting businesses with top freelancers, and earning a commission for your role in facilitating these fruitful connections.

Your writing career is about to take a turn for the best.
Are You Ready To Claim Your Spot In One Of The Highest Paying Industries Online?
There are literally thousands of businesses seeking services from people, just like you. Whether you are a writer, designer, programmer OR you are simply good with answering the phone and typing emails, there are countless job opportunities that are now up for grabs!

Here are just a few of the many things you will learn:
Discover the most valuable sources for finding the highest paying freelance opportunities, and give yourself the unfair advantage of being one of the first to find and secure employment before these jobs are flooded into mainstream forums and databases! 

This is INVALUABLE information to any freelancer!
Learn how to determine whether a company is legitimate and avoid "bad clients" like the plague with these insider tips to dissecting and evaluating any opportunity you are given! 

(Save TONS of time working only for reputable companies!)
Follow a tested formula for placing your services in front of hungry crowds of buyers, and never waste another day submitting your resume online!

You simply won't need to!
Discover insider techniques to winning the bidding war! 

If you want to participate in online freelance marketplaces, you NEED this information!
Learn what you NEED to know about setting your price structure so that you attract MORE buyers, even when your prices are higher than your competition!
And Much, Much More!
Here's A More Detailed Look At My Step-By-Step Course:
Video 1 - Intro Into The Freelancing World
After going this overview, you will not only have a good idea of how to get your freelance business rolling, but how to make it a profitable entity.

You will be introduced to the basics of running a home business with things like setting up your home based business, how to find a steady stream of work, building your client list, defining a price structure that generates a profit, while not pricing you out of the market, secrets to winning the bidding war for work and how to avoid freelance writing scams.
Video 2 - What Are My Options?
In this video we'll go through the types of jobs you can start doing from today! We'll make you aware of the jobs that are actively being asked by many marketers who'll happily pay you top dollar for your time.

Don't start freelancing until you understand what other marketers want and need. When they can see they you're catering to them it'll place you ahead of 99% of other freelances that just want to earn a quick buck.
Video 3 - Where Should I Go For Work?
In this video we'll give you a list of 8 high quality sites where you can start looking for hot paying clients!

Yes there are many sites you could get involved with, but from our own experience there's only a small handful of sites that are worth joining and have the trust-worthy approval of mentioning. 

Don't make the mistake thinking that joining more networks will provide you with more work. It's definitely a case of quality over quantity and in this business loyalty and repeat business is essential for your long term success. 

Watch this video so you don't miss out!
Video 4 - Using Freelancing Websites
In this video you get to watch over our shoulder as we go behind the scenes and look at the best sites. 

We'll talk you through what you should be looking out for, what jobs you should be applying to, why certain clients are better than other straight off the bat and so much more! 

We've made mistakes in the past of getting involved with people that ask for a job to be done but are not sure of the detail themselves. 

This is a no go area and puts you in a very bad position especially if you've already agreed to start working. Watch this video to avoid making such costly mistakes!
Video 5 - Finding Jobs On Forums
Freelance websites are not just the only place to go when finding work. In this video we'll give you a list of 4 of the best forums to get involved with so you can start searching today!

These forums are a great place for finding work because they are full of active marketers who know exactly what they want, how much to have to budget and when they want it done. 

This is an ideal client for you because it allows you to manage your time around them and organize more work in the future. Watch this video so you know what to look out for!
Video 6 - Make Yourself Known!
So far we've covered how you'd go about actively searching for work online. However there's another side to the coin you need to consider and that is getting people to come to you.

Out past experience shows that once you're more known, people will actively search your name or trade name and find you. This is the best type of client you could get because they only want what you can provide. 

By learning to setup your own site and putting the most important and relevant information on it you're advertising yourself to the world. 

However you need to work smart and find an angle that'll allow you to stand out amongst other freelances who are also selling their services. 

This video shows you some of the tricks you can use to get a 1-up!

Video 7 - Important Things To Consider Before You Start!
Okay so you've actively searched for a job, found one, and are happy with your client. 

Now what?... Do you just hope for the best... or do you put together a plan of action that'll keep you in business?...

I hope you said the latter because this is the turning point for your online business!

In this video we'll show you how to keep the ball rolling and talk about getting testimonials, how to use them, why you shouldn't under-value your services, how to stay focused, meeting deadlines and so much more.

Follow our advice and you'll stay in business for many more years to come!
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Once You Know Exactly How To Find And Secure Lucrative Employment Opportunities From Some Of The Most Reliable Companies Online!

How would you like to be given a blueprint to becoming a successful freelancer, where you are able to work on your own schedule, from your own home within job opportunities that come with no restrictions, no difficult requirements and NO boss?!
Think about how much your life would change if YOU were in control of your own financial destiny, and were given the opportunity to selectively choose the types of jobs you accept.

Imagine waking up in the morning and deciding whether you were in the mood to work that day or not (yes, this IS reality). You log into your email and sift through the dozens of order requests you've received overnight from people hungry for your business. 

You stamp your own prices on your services and work your own shifts.. need a break? No problem!

Wanting to take a holiday with your family? Go for it!

YOU are in complete control of how much, or how little you work!

No more waiting for employers to contact you - no more submitting your resume into dozens of job banks - no more price reductions simply because you want to attract more business.. you will FINALLY know exactly how so many other freelancers have been able to generate a full time income all from their home offices using nothing more than their computers!

No costly equipment is necessary, no in-house interviews or difficult learning curves to pass through. No online testing - no nonsense!

Just high paying job offers covering all industries and markets.  Being a freelancer is like being given a license to print your own paychecks, literally! 
“So How Much Is Get Paid To Write Worth 
To You?”

From here on out, you will know exactly what you need to do to be able to make money with profitable freelance opportunities. Never settle for 'get rich quick' schemes again that steal your money and your dream of ever being successful.

Follow a highly-effective strategy to being successful as a professional freelancer now!

You see having some or part of the pieces of the puzzle is just as good as having none of them. Without complete knowledge you're only kicking yourself and wasting both your time and money. Get Paid To Write puts you on the right track to starting your business. Learn to walk before you run and I can guarantee you'll do very well! 

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